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The Training You Need to Get it Right

This entire thing hinges on this program. There is nothing more vital to our success than the successful completion of our regimen. Our program consists of both classroom and on the job training. To ensure you’ve got all the tools and know-how to run your own SHOTS bar, all of our franchisees benefit from the following support:

  • Support with location selection
  • 96 hours of hands-on training in Miami
  • 100 hours of training at your location
  • Additional training (if needed)
  • Ongoing support (as needed)

The Skills You’ll Learn

We all take pride in learning new things and at SHOTS UNIVERSITY, we are proud to pass on our techniques, tools, processes and industry knowledge. When you succeed, we all succeed. That’s why we make our strict program such a focus of this entire process. Pass through our extensive program, and you’ll learn:

  • How to run the day-to-day business
  • Best book keeping practices
  • Human Resources topics and issues
  • How to create efficient work spaces
  • Waste minimization processes and techniques
  • How to market your SHOTS bar locally
  • Lots more – we can’t just spill all the beans right here right now can we?

The Support You Can Count On

When you become a SHOTS bar franchisee, you become a member of the SHOTS family. We don’t simply forget family. It is our priority to make sure we are reaching out and keeping tabs on what is going on with your business. We make sure we are working together to build your business as large as possible. From efficient operations to bookkeeping, we’ll always have your back with ongoing support you can count on.

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