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The Importance of Customer Service in your Franchise Business

Date : Jun 19, 2018

In the franchising world, you don’t just buy a company or a business for sale cross your fingers for success. You don’t just hire people and hope they will represent your brand correctly. You must also train your hires to provide the best possible service that your customers deserve. Before we go to the importance of this subject in your franchise investment, what exactly is Customer Service?

Customer Service is the heart of your business model. This is your relationship with your customers; this is what you offer before, during and after a service or a purchase. According to Investopedia, “Customer Service can take the form of a phone call, email, in-person interaction, self-service systems, or by other means.” This is not only for existing clients but also for potential new customers. Once your customers leave your store satisfied, they will be encouraged and inspired to come back and buy from your business again. Customer Service is your ticket to customer satisfaction to help your business grow potentially.

Now that you have a brief description of what customer service is, let me tell you how important it is to your business.

  1.   Good customer service equals  CUSTOMER LOYALTY. Do you want loyal customers? But of course! How do you get them? Easy. Just make sure that you got everything they need that’s relevant to your business once they enter your store. Remember, making your customers stay is way less expensive than acquiring new ones. Don’t risk losing a customer. Showing them your commitment and how you love doing business with them is the first step in gaining loyal customers.
  2.   Good customer service equals a POSITIVE REPUTATION.  The public perception of your franchise business will improve greatly once you are able to ensure your customers with high-quality service. The strength of your brand will depend on the quality of service that you provide your clients. If you make excellent customer service your top priority, this will result in positive reviews and will eventually be transmitted through word-of-mouth. This is the kind of advertising that no amount of money could buy. Isn’t it more reliable to heed a friend’s advice than to listen to online reviews or advertisements?
  3.   Good customer service equals NEW PARTNERSHIPS. When other businesses see how well you take care of your customers, chances are they would gladly partner with you because you know very well how to handle your existing clients. Your passion and dedication in your business will be demonstrated on how you take care of your customers – old and new – and this would pave the way for powerful partnerships and other exciting opportunities.
  4.   Good customer service equals STRONG ETHICAL STANDARDS. When your business takes good care of your customers, you give your clients the impression that you have strong moral values and that you take it seriously. You believe that there is more to building a solid tribe than just earning profits. You have the confidence to be at par with other businesses because of the values that your franchise business follows. This will be your edge as you build a company that is of strong ideals and morals.
  5.      Good customer service equals LONG-TERM BUSINESS. Ever wondered why McDonalds is one of the longest running and most successful businesses of all time? Observe their employees. Once you step into their store, notice their staff all smiles at you. That is what you call EXCELLENT customer service. From the moment you step in until you come out from their store, you know that you are being taken care of. Focus on your clients. Exceed your customers’ expectations. Go the extra mile. Give them what they need. Go out of your way for them. This is how you will prolong the life of your franchise business.

Understanding the needs and wants of your customers is not very hard to do. According to Bill Huigens, “Good customer service is you, the business, offering a relationship to your customer; one involving trust, loyalty, friendship, and respect.” Make your each and every customer happy. Believe me, it works.


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