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Promoting your Franchise Business in the Digital World

Date : Jun 14, 2018

How should a franchise owner like you use the power of Social Media in this digital age?

More and more people are now “digitally inclined” and of course, as a franchisee, you do not want to be left behind. Though most of the businesses for sale in the United States use digital strategies to promote their products and services, it is never too late to think of your own ways on how to build an audience for your business to flourish. As your franchise business creates a great path to your financial independence, it is very important that your franchise stands out while ensuring the consistency of the brand that you purchased.

Here below are some of the techniques that you should learn and do to boost your marketing efforts for your franchise business:

  1.  Create a website the modern way!

If your franchise contract allows you to have an independent website to promote the business, then go ahead and be creative! To make it consistent with the brand, use the same template but make sure that the content for every page is distinct. The contents must be engaging, allowing users to have a smooth experience while browsing your page. You would like to make your website user-friendly and entertaining at the same time, giving your audience the appetite to browse your website for more.

  1.   Increase your Social Media presence!

Aside from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, where else can you promote your products? There are so many social media platforms to choose from and all you need to do is sign up. In today’s generation, social media is one of the best forms of advertising for your brand. This is where you build trust and encourage relationship with the brand that you promote. Do you know that you can promote your page and endorse your brand on Facebook depending on your budget? You’re welcome!

  1.   Use content marketing for your blog!

According to, “90% of organizations use Content Marketing and 82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content”. With this study, you know very well that you could never go without content marketing. Your website and its content should go together. As a franchise owner, it is your goal to publish high-quality contents about your business. A brilliantly structured article that discusses the value of the business that you do or providing advice related to your business is the way to go. Reach people through the content that you publish as you use their language to connect with them on a more personal level.

So again, how should a franchise owner like you use the power of Social Media in this digital age? In summary, it is to make sure that the people you reach through online platforms will most likely to remember you. Take note that you have competitors, so your edge is to make the visit to your website, blog and social media accounts worthwhile as your business continue to prosper.


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