Marketing Support for Your SHOTS Franchise Business
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Marketing Support for Your SHOTS Bar

Owners face dual challenges in managing the day-to-day of their business while keeping the ongoing marketing support tuned for their location.

As a SHOTS bar franchise owner, you’re a few steps ahead. SHOTS provides ongoing marketing support for our franchisees. Plus, you’ll benefit from our corporate brand presence and overall marketing activities.

Here are just a few of thew ways we provide support to franchisees:

Custom Marketing and Promotions Platform

We’ve gone through painstaking iterations to evolve our branding and identity so you don’t have to. Coming to identify our audience was a process that took years. We have come to know our audience so well, we have built marketing play-books for them. A library of marketing assets you can access once you have joined the SHOTS family are also at your reach. From strategic messaging to social media graphics, our custom marketing and promotions platform is yours to run with.

Organic Social Media Following with Steady Growth

Our audience is highly active on social media. That’s a great thing for our franchisees because SHOTS has a strong and steadily growing social media following bolstered by user-generated content and our signature bold branding.

Attention from Local Media Outlets

Wherever we go, the media is talking. We’ve had recent coverage in local media publications including: Thrillist, Hedonist/Shedonist/CMT, the Miami Herald, and more.

Always Innovating New Forms of PR & Marketing

The same way we’re always innovating new entertainment concepts, we’re also constantly thinking of new ways to get the word out. From social media contests to community involvement, we’ll conceptualize and plan marketing programs to raise brand awareness at both the corporate and local levels.

Promotion for Your SHOTS Bar Location

Go time? We’ll help promote your location with:

  • Social media lead-up campaign
  • Your own page on
  • Presence on the SHOTSbar iPhone and Android mobile app
  • Inclusion in the SHOTS Squad loyalty program
  • #SHOTSbar, #SHOTSyourcity campaign

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