SHOTS Franchise Formula: Our Advantage in Food and Beverage
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The SHOTS Bar Franchise Formula

What makes SHOTSTM a worthy investment? In addition to the fun format and bold branding, our specific franchise formula helps SHOTS owners meet their full potential.


If you’ve ever started a business from scratch, well, this is nothing like that. With a SHOTS bar franchise, we’ll help you every step of the way. From training you in general business operations and marketing to training your team in efficient bar management, our extensive programs make it easy to own a SHOTS franchise.


You have a bar to run! Let us facilitate your marketing. As a SHOTS franchise, you’ll have access to all of our resources and marketing materials, plus the marketing support (and dollars) of a corporate brand behind you.

Competitive Advantage

In a sea of monotony, our concept stands out. The theme, the props, and of course the SHOTS are a market differentiator other bar franchises can’t compete with. When a SHOTS comes to town, everybody’s curious.

Operations Assistance

We don’t just give you the tools to efficiently run your bar after it’s open. We’ll also help you get set up. From locating and negotiating your real estate to helping construct your location, you’ll have the support of SHOTS from day one.

Existing Volume Agreements with Suppliers

Our franchisees benefit from existing volume agreements with suppliers and vendors; meaning you get deals you couldn’t otherwise negotiate, just for partnering with us!

Rapid Growth Industry

The food and beverage industry in the United States generates $710 billion a year in sales and $26 billion in revenue, according to the NCIAA. If you’re looking to invest in an emerging franchise opportunity in an industry that doesn’t quit, click here to learn more.

Superior Product Sourcing and Procurement

Speaking of vendors, we work with only the best. We know the quality of our product has to stand up to scrutiny, that’s why we carefully vet all of our suppliers. When you work with an approved SHOTS vendor, you’ll know you’re working with a team of subject matter experts you can trust.

Federally Protected Trademark

When you join the SHOTS family, you buy into our training, operations, branding, marketing, industry know-how and much more. We have invested on a National level to ensure your locations maintain and control the “SHOTS”TM culture branding in your chosen markets. You need not worry about new market entrants encroaching on your branding and concept. We rigorously protect and defend our Federal Trademark Protection.

Benefit from Large Legal Investments

When we started, we knew little about the food and beverage industry. There are several legal and moral issues at play in our business. We play a vital part in the communities we operate in and we take that responsibility very serious. Since we started, we have invested heavily in Attorney’s fees and compliance advisory services. By joining the SHOTS family, you will have direct access to our experience, knowledge, tools and processes. This should help keep you out of trouble and keep your doors open.

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