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There are a few different ways you can contact us. Feel free to pay us a visit during our office hours if you’re in the neighborhood. Our home is in the Wynwood Community in Sunny Miami Florida. Wynwood helped shape who we are today and we are proud of our South Florida roots. At SHOTS, the trade dress is a blend of functional industrial components highlighted by beautiful modern art. It’s a magical blend of beauty meets the beast and it shines through from location to location.

SHOTS Security

Stop by for a visit today! But first, make sure you are over the age of 21. We cannot emphasize enough how important this experience is for YOU, the sophisticated party goer. We say that at SHOTS, common sense rules as KING. Though the majority of our visitors know how to enjoy themselves, there is always that special person in the crowd that refuses to pay attention to KING Common Sense.  Our third party, highly qualified, SHOTS security personnel is always near to ensure the safety and welfare of the greater good. Through policies, procedures and controls from the moment the guest enters the venue to the moment they leave, our qualified security team keeps everyone safe and sound.

Feel free to reach out today! We do our best to respond to all contact requests within 1 business day. Your satisfaction is important to us. If you interacted with us and your experience is less than satisfactory, tell us how we can improve.

If you would like more information about franchising with SHOTS? We’re here to answer your questions. Get started down our franchise process and find out what it really takes to get started in this industry. Fill out the form or contact us at our dedicated franchising line: 305-571-0439.

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Miami, FL 33127

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